Pure Cosmetics, is a line based on the concept of professional dermaceuticals and the PCS method (Professional, Cosmeceutical, Tools), takes its name from the purity of the active ingredients used, which make the products extremely active, penetrating, and high-performing.

Pure Cosmetics was created to meet the needs of professionals who treat the skin using specific tools capable of increasing the degree of skin permeation of active ingredients.

The guidelines followed by our researchers are based on the concept of dermaceuticals, which is the discipline allowing us to use and combine active ingredients of pharmacological origin with innovative tissue regeneration tools to achieve immediate, long-lasting results in total safety.


geared towards the most demanding professionals who, more than anything else, demand a product of high quality and outstanding performance. Additionally, after years of research, diagnostic pathways have been created to obtain a precise medical history of the skin and the aesthetic issue, along with specific work protocols for each type of aesthetic problem to be treated.


Pure Cosmetics products contain a very high percentage of active ingredients with nanomolecules, some of which are derived from the pharmaceutical field, ensuring immediate and long-lasting results without compromising the safety of the cosmetic product. The collaboration between cosmetologists and aesthetic professionals has led to the development of specific products that, when combined with work protocols, optimize performance and deliver immediate and long-lasting results.


In combination with cosmeceutical products, innovative and dermatologically tested tools are used to restructure the epidermis and increase the skin permeability of active ingredients down to the dermal layer. The systems, through work methodologies developed by our beauty consulting, are capable of enhancing the results achievable with traditional cosmetic treatments.

Products, Formulas and Certifications


The cosmeceuticals of Pure Cosmetics are the result of careful research into balanced formulas rich in active ingredients inspired by the medical field and dermatologically tested to ensure effective and safe treatments.

Our cosmetologist, in synergy with aesthetic doctors, has created PURE COSMETICS to ensure the effectiveness and resolution of the most complicated epidermal issues that are difficult to treat with traditional cosmetic methods.

The philosophy is based on the combination of professional cosmeceuticals and specific tools for each need, in order to increase the permeation of active ingredients, effectiveness, and achieve a result in line with the customer's expectations.

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